Welcome to the Coastal and Offshore Sailing School

We specialise in providing top quality, on the water, coastal and offshore/ocean sail training World Wide for the novice to the experienced.

We aim to ensure that every client who steps off the boat at the end of the course is happy, satisfied, and a better and safer seafarer. Contact us to discuss your next course.

Our Skipper (see photo) is a certified NZ Coastguard/RYA yacht master instructor with 30 of sailing expertise behind him most of it in the more remote parts of the World, the Antarctic and the Arctic, from 2017 onwards we will be sailing in Arctic waters, Alaska. Canada. Greenland, Spitsbergen, Norway, and the North Atlantic.

Henk - Sailing School NZ
Henk - Skipper @ Sailing School NZ

Currently we do not issue the certificates for Competent crew, Day skipper or Coastal skipper since we will be operating away from our home waters around New Zealand and the RYA has no facility for roving sailing schools who are sailing around the planet.

Hence  we will only be offering the RYA mileage building certificate while we are sailing around the World, onboard we will teach you to any level that you want to go to and experience while staying safe  using RYA teaching methods and  materials.

We promise to give you a top experience, and you are an active contributing part of a team on a ocean passages or longer coastal and offshore passages in interesting conditions  sometimes in the higher latitudes.

Our vessel Tiama is a good and well proven ocean going sailing vessel, please have a look at;    www.tiamaexpeditions.com

Courses On Offer

Courses range from 7 days to several weeks and are designed to give students the opportunity to put their theoretical Day Skipper, Boat master or other knowledge into hands-on practice.

There are no entry level requirements, just a keen interested is enough, coupled with some conversations over email and phone to make sure that we can deliver what you are after. Scroll the below or click here to view all courses