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Note: we require a signature on the form so you are not able to book immediately online.

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Conditions of booking

1. Payment
A deposit of 30 % of the course fee is payable on booking (This deposit is not refundable). No bookings will be final until the deposit has been received.

The balance is due 30 days before the commencement date for the course.

Note, in the event of the final payment being late, the Coastal & Offshore sailing school reserves the right to accept a booking from a stand-by list, in this case all payments except the initial deposit will be refunded.

3. Amendments to bookings
Changes of dates will only be acceptable if written confirmation is received by the Coastal & Offshore Sailing School office up to 30 days before the commencement date and if there is an opening on one of our other courses.

4. Insurance
All school boats and staff are insured against third party liability but personal insurance against injury, accident or loss whilst at the school is the responsibility of the student and the school accepts no responsibility for any such injury, accident, damage or loss to a client’s property or person however caused.

5. Sailing
In the interests of safety, the skipper/instructor has complete discretion over sailing activities bearing in mind weather conditions and their assessment of the student’s sailing ability

6. If you have a complaint
We aim to give you an enjoyable experience. If you do have a problem it is important to tell one of our representative so that steps can be taken to resolve the matter as soon as possible. If the complaint can not be resolved there and then, please notify us in writing within 28 days of the date you returned from your trip.

We will provide you with a Customer Feedback Form and would really appreciate it if you could take 3 minutes to fill this in.

Because of the difficulties in investigating a complaint too long after the event we can not consider any complaint unless notified to us in writing within 29 days.

7. Alterations
All details given in our publications and website are given in good faith but we reserve the right to provide alternative comparable arrangements if for any reason we decide such alterations are necessary. If we cancel any course, for any reason, our students will have the option of accepting an alternative provided or having a full refund of all monies paid. In that event our liability shall wholly cease upon the repayment of such monies.

8. Equipment
The Yachts used by the Coastal & Offshore sailing school are approved by the NZ Coastguard/RYA. We operate under the NZ Safe ship management system.
Wet weather clothing is provided for all students,
Bedding is provided for all students
Students must provide sea boots and personal clothing (remember it does get cold out there so at night a woolly hat is nice).

Happy sailing.